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Life milestones only happen once!

According to a survey:

  • Before the wedding, 23% of brides view video as a Top 5 service. After the wedding, that number climbs to 42%. The value of video becomes greater after the wedding.
  • Before the wedding, 41% of brides using a professional videographer consider videography a Top 5 service. But after the wedding the number grows to 59% who consider video a Top 5 service. And, after the wedding, 94% of these brides say they consider professional videography at least a Top 10 service.
  • For those who didn't hire, 60% say they wished they had had their weddings videotaped.
  • 79% of brides agree that future brides should at least consider using a professional to videotape their wedding day.
  • 95% of those that hired professionals think future brides should consider using a professional videographer.